Blasting and cleaning surfaces

Blasting is the process of cleaning/finishing by blowing abrasive material on several materials, such as: metal, glass, stone etc. This operation is performed using sand, glass, ice or other abrasive materials which are propelled with compressed air jet to the surface.

This process is used befor painting, when complex surfaces need to be carefully cleaned and do not allow other methods. Blasting is used mainly in the metallurgical industry, but also wherever a quick cleaning of surfaces is needed.

Our company is specialized in sandblasting and cleaning of small and medium sized parts, having a blasting booth of 1m x 1m x 1m. WIth the help of the efficient installation, we can provide blasting services for a wide range of surfaces: metal blasting, glss blasting, rims blasting, wood blasting, stone blasting etc.

When discussing about repainting or reconditioning, the first step is prepairing the surface by removing the older finishes, the grees that could affect the perfect finish.

Advantages of blasting:

  • reduced cleaning time
  • uniformly cleaning the surface
  • perfect cleaning even in hard to reach places
  • high cleaning capacity
  • cleaning all deposits, even rust, paint, primer etc.
  • rust protection
  • allows a correct painting process


  • removal of rust, old paint, primer etc from different surfaces
  • surface restoration
  • auto/moto restorations, rims blasting, bicycle frame blasting etc.

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