Electrostatic painting

To provide the final product a long service life and a quality that saisfies the most demanding customers, we prepare the surface of the parts by cleaning, degreasing and rinsing…

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Surface protection and reconditioning with liquid materials

We perform a wide range of surface tratments, protections, paints, coating for different surfaces, such as: metal, wood, ceramics etc. The purpose of surface treatments can be multiple…

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Wood finishing in electrostatic field

Initially, the finishing in the electrostatic field was used for metal parts: the housings of appliances, the car bodies, the metal doors. Due to the advantages it presents, we have…

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Blasting and cleaning surfaces

Blasting is the process of cleaning/finishing by blowing abrasive material on several materials, such as: metal, glass, stone etc. This operation is performed using sand, glass…

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