Wood finishing in electrostatic field

MDF electrostatic paiting

Initially, the finishing in the electrostatic field was used for metal parts: the housings of appliances, the car bodies, the metal doors. Due to the advantages it presents, we have also scceeded in adapting to the field of wood finishing. At the moment, the electrostatic field finishing is widely used to over objects where ordinary spraying generates very large losses.

Wood is weak conductor of electricity. Therefore, in order to be able to paint in the electrostatic field, the humidity of the wood must be 10-12%, and the huidity of the air in the painting booth 60-70%. In order to improve its conductivity, the MDF must be treated, before painting, with special solutions.

Finishing powder paint for MDF is different from the usual one, having a low polymerization point – 120°C-140°C – compared to 170°C-200°C at a normal paint. By using this kind of paint for the marks made from MDF, a uniform application layer is obtained throughout their surface.

As in the process of electrostatic painting of metal parts, after paiting the pieces made from MDF, they are left to cool and the packed properly.

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