Surface protection and reconditioning with liquid materials

We perform a wide range of surface tratments, protections, paints, coating for different surfaces, such as: metal, wood, ceramics etc.

The purpose of surface treatments can be multiple: surface reconditioning, aesthetic reconditiong( colors), anti-corrosive, antioxidant, waterproofing, etc.

As with electrostatic field painting, there are some steps that need to be followed to achieve an effective surface treatment.

Washing and paint stripping are operatons that have the role o cleaning the surfaces in depth, thus preparing them for the application of the protective layer. By the stripping operation, the grease is removed from the surfaces that will be protected in orde to apply he protective layer. By applying the protective layer, the surface will be protected from stains, UV, irreparable scratches etc.

Paint stripping is done with the help of concentrated professional solutions and the single-disc machine. The stripper is applied on the surface, it acts adn then the surface its rubbed with the single-disc machine afterwards aspirating the solution. At the end the piece is rinsed with plenty of water.

After the surface has been cleaned and dried the protective layer can be applied, depending on the needs( aesthetic reconditioning, anti-corrosive, antioxidant, waterproofing etc.)

The protection layer is applied in two layers, for a longer durability and to cover the possible defects of the surface. Depending on the product usedm the surface becomes glossy or matte and wil have the desired effect.