Our company has as maine activity the Treatment and Coating of metals and offers painting services, such as:

  1. Electrostatic painting for metal
  2. Surface protection and reconditioning with liquid materials
  3. Electrostatic painting for wood

We offer our clients high quality and durable coating solutions.

The experience of our employees and the professional equipment we use allow us to complete quickly and accurately the orders received, at a higher quality. Whether it’s for single or serial parts orders, we treat our customer with respect and communicate ith them from the beginning until the order is lifted. Another advantage of our company is that we have 2 polymerization ovens (1. Dimensions 2m x 2m x 2m 2. Dimensions 2m x 2m x 7m) and some orders with standard parts can be completed even 24 hours after accepting the offer of price by the customer.

We are aware of all the trends in painting services, so we can offer you electrostatic painting of metal, aluminum and even wood parts. We have all the necessary equipment to ensure a high quality for the parts made from the materials listed above.

We offer colors from the netire RAL range, for all type of paints( matte, glossy, semi-glossy, structured) having a large variety of colors in stock, and for the other, the supply term is 48 hours.

Metal fabrications

Beside the electrostatic painting services, we can offer light metal confections. We can make a wide range of steel products depending on the requirements you have.

You can contact us HERE for electrostatic painting services but also for creating perfect metallic fabrics for your needs.