Electrostatic painting

To provide the final product a long service life and a quality that saisfies the most demanding customers, we prepare the surface of the parts by cleaning, degreasing and rinsing before covering them with electrostatic powder.

The treatment applied to the surfaces before painting aims to remove foreign materials such as: fat, dust, rust, welding marks etc. so that the surface becomes smooth, perfect for the process of electrostatic painting.

The metal parts are pre-treated in the preparation process differently for each project.

In order to put into practice the electrostatic painting process, special equipment that provide the paint an electrical charge will be used, the powder is covering the piece obtaining a uniform layer of minimum 80μm.

The most import within these equipments for an electrostatic painting is the spray gun and most of the time it is produced in suh a way as to facilitate a higher quality in the application and transfer of the powder. Regarding the spray gun we can add that it must be well balanced, if the rate of transfer of the powder is very high, it may derease the efficincy of the deposit and the amount of powder that will be recycled in this process will be very high. The powder that is deposited on the floor of the paint booth after the painting process, is recovered and reused, in this way we can talk about an ecological method of painting and the parts painted using this technology can not have a negative effect on the environment.

In a electrostatic painting shop in Bucharest, the sprayers can be set so that the painting can be done in the best conditions. This process is increasingly used, this being a result of the fact that more and more customers are interested in a higher quality and longer resistance in time.

The last phase of the painting process is the polymerization or the thermal treatment of the painted parts. This is done in a speciale oven, called a polymerization oven. Depending on the material form which they are made, the marks that have been covered with powder paint will stand for a period of time( 10-20min) at temperatures between 140°C – 200°C. Under these conditions, a uniform polymerization is provided for the paint that has been applied. After the polymerization process has been carried out, the pieces are left tot cool in an environment without impurities or dust, then they are wrapped, ready for delivery.

Electrostatic painting advantages

  • coating twice as thick as with the classic liquid paint
  • high resistance to mechanical actions( impact, abrasion)
  • superior resistance to environmental factor( UV rays or heat)
  • durability and aesthetics
  • varied color range
  • VOC emissions are reduced by electrostatic painting, the degree of protection of the environment being high in relation to the liquid painting

Total Impact Paint S.R.L. offers electrostatic painting services:

1. Electrostatic painting station and polymerization oven with a maximum lenght of 2m

2. Electrostatic painting station and polymerization oven with a maximum lenght of 6m

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